Harness Your Inner Power.

Unlock Your Potential and Embrace Self-Love So You Can Release Whats Holding You Back.

Instant Access – 30-Minute Inner Breath Session By Michael. Great For Letting Go & Healing. (Newbees Welcome)

Michael Thomas

The Inner Depth Mentor & Plunsana Founder

Michael aims to help people tap into their inner power and achieve a more fulfilling, balanced life. His coaching approach is based on three pillars: Presence, Self-Love, and Release. 

• Certified by Wim Hof to Teach His Method

• Certified Evercoach Business Consultant – Focus Mindfulness in The Workplace, Team Building & Culture

• Men to Self-Love Mentor & Spiritual Coach

• Founder of Plunsana – Contrast Therapy Center

Wim Hof Fundamentals

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Corporate / Groups

Team Connection & Culture Building through Mindfullness Activities, Workshops & Retreats.

Men To Self-Love

The Journey To Self-Love, Acceptance & Authenticity For Men. Live Calls & Coaching.


– By The Inner Depth Mentor

I offer spiritual coaching, energy healing, cold exposure, breathwork, and meditation as tools for transformation. Whether you’re an individual seeking personal growth or a team looking to improve creativity and connection, I can help you unlock your inner power and achieve a more fulfilling, balanced life. 

Are You Ready To Tap Into Your Inner Power?

I Can Help You… 

Go From Bottling Emotions to...

Expressing Opinions/Emotions!

I help people express themselves authentically and communicate their needs effectively.

Go From People Pleasing to...

Honoring Personal Boundaries!

I teach people how to set healthy boundaries and say no to things that don’t align with their values.

Go From Toxic Relationships to...

Healthy Relationships!

I guide people in building more fulfilling, supportive relationships and letting go of toxic ones.

Go From Self-Abandonment/Not in Truth to...


I support people in cultivating self-love and acceptance to live more authentically and confidently.

Go From Unbalanced Lifestyle to...

Balance & Fulfilled Lifestyle!

I help people find balance in their lives, so they can live in alignment with their goals and values.

Go From Disconnected From Spirit to...

Reconnected With Spirit!

I help people connect with their spiritual side and experience a greater sense of purpose and meaning in their lives.