Men to Self Love Live Call

Men To Self-Love LIVE Call

Virtual (Zoom)

What to expect:

Every 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month at 5:45 pm EST.

This will be a men’s bi-weekly LIVE call that will lead men back to self-love, reminding them of their self-worth and inner truth. We will focus on all types of relationships, including our relationship with spirit, kids, partners, friends, and most importantly, ourselves as men.

Every week will be a little different, but ultimately it will be a place where men can be vulnerable in their emotions and a place to heal.


Workshop Length: 90 min l  Virtual

Cost: $20 Drop In / Membership $80/m.

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Men To Self-Love's Focus

To lead men back to themselves, allowing them to fully embody their emotions, express their truth and recreate new relationship and communication standards so we can stand in our truth and love more deeply.   

Processing Emotions Safely

We will use different techniques to help men process their emotions safely in a completely supportive and loving environment. Some techniques include breathwork, cold exposure, energy healing/clearing, meditation, group conversation, and group exercises.